Events Manager- Co Ordinator

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  • Tonbridge, Kent
  • Lioness Consultants

Job Description of an Event Manager / Co-ordinator

The Event Manager / Co-ordinator makes a very important contribution to the successful organising of an exhibition or conference.

It is the attention to the speed and quality of service levels that will make my client stand apart from any other organiser and will encourage exhibitors and potential delegates and visitors to prefer to attend an event organised by my client.

The role of an Event Manager / Co-ordinator in is to ensure that the administration of the event is managed as smoothly and efficiently as possible with due consideration and attention given to the time constraints.

High service levels can be achieved in the following ways:

During the planning period of an exhibition, leading up to the open period, all exhibitors must be called regularly and at least once per 2 or 3 month period. The sales team / executive often undertakes such calls and the purpose of the call is to achieve the following:

- To identify exhibitor plans and to encourage them to undertake activity that will boost attendance. Such activity includes mailings, email campaigns, web promotions / links, invitations, special incentives, promotions, seminars, meetings, workshops, presentations, etc.

- To identify exhibitor objectives that could identify new initiatives.

- To better understand the market and by doing so to be able to build the exhibition and enhance attendance through that understanding.

When exhibitors, venues, contractors or potential delegates or visitors call or contact the office, their requests are dealt quickly and fully with attention to the information required.

Job role: not limited to the following:

Supporting staff working on the event. staff include but are not limited to: exhibition director, sales manager, conference chairman, etc.

(It should be noted that for many events the above role may be combined.)

Administering an exhibition. Supporting the needs and demands of exhibitors, managing accommodation, and providing information to venues, contractors, etc.

Administering a conference. Liaising with speakers, responding to delegate requirements, providing information to venues, contractors, etc.

Managing timescales. Ensuring that deadlines are met for activities that include but are not limited to promotion deadlines (advertising copy, printed material, inserts, mailings, e-campaigns), contractors, venue, catering, support staff, speakers, exhibitors, etc.

At all times any material prepared, letters produced or information provided must be to the highest quality of presentation and thought.

Ideal Candidate:

Excellent organisational skills and attention for detail

Previous experience in a similar role

First class communication skills both verbally and written

Takes pride in work and in self

Enjoys learning and self development

Proficient in Microsoft applications

Social media skills

Passionate about making a difference.

Negotiable salary.

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